Introduction to Linear Regression

A gentle introduction to the algorithm and code for it.

Simple linear and Multiple linear regression plot
y = β0 + β1.X1 # Simple linear regressiony = β0 + β1.X1 + β2.X2 + ... + βn.Xn # Multiple linear regression

The best fit line.

The equation for Residual Sum of Squares

Is our model performing well?

The formula for the R2 score

Let us see this algorithm in action

3295125.11*area + 506109.44*bedrooms + 1874073.79*bathrooms + 1385770.25*stories + 421368.74*mainroad + 253819.75*guestroom + 314233.13*basement + 1021073.02*hotwaterheating + 794828.15*airconditioning + 833078.62*parking + 617166.58*prefarea + -47533.58*furnishingstatus_semi-furnished + -431147.75*furnishingstatus_unfurnished + 2105949.005


Where to go next?

Pursuing Masters in Machine Learning.

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